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We have always chosen a different path as a guild, we want to keep it small in order to preserve a friendly, family feeling. We have the whole of Azeroth (and beyond!) as our base and both create and join events on a weekly basis. While roleplaying is our focus we also have members who enjoys PvE and PvP. We try to take part in major world-PvP events as well.

What we can offer:
- Oldest RP guild on the server, founded in 2005
- RP events based on adventure and stories
- A friendly and helpful atmosphere
- Innovation and new ideas when it comes to role playing
- Mission-based ranking system
- A guild that follows the Light but also has heavy focus on diplomatic and healing focused RP

We seek those who:
- Enjoy to RP, no matter if you want to try it out for the first time or if you are an experienced role player
- Think your character would suit into our guild ICly (In Character), we accept all races but unfortunately not warlocks, death knights or demon hunters
- Are friendly and are looking to have some fun :)

How to join?
There are a number of options how to join:
- Apply in-game with the guild recruitment system
- Contact one of the following persons in-game: Maelmoor, Kedeard, Emiraude, Meklun, Ninael, Astoria, Xara, Jaliana, Danon, Zác, Mkael
- Write an application in our forums

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