About us

Founded: 5th November 2005
Game: World of Warcraft EU
Realm: Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP
Type of guild: Roleplaying (RP)
Guild focus: The Light (religious), healing, diplomacy
Guild leader: Maelmoor
Guild officers: Kedeard, Emiraude and Meklun


About the server - Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP
Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP server was opened in September 2005 and is a an EU server. Since then all the RP-PvP servers have been merged into one, which means you will also find players from Ravenholdt, Scarshield Legion, Sporeggar and The Venture Co all on one server. While it is a RP server most of the players tend to focus on PvE or PvP.

A regular question we get is how to find RP? Casual RP can at times be hard to find if you don't know where to look at. Public events are a good way to find RP, on Tuesdays the Stormwind Council gathers in the Stormwind Keep at 21:00 server time and on Thursdays the Ironforge Senate gathers at 20:00, for information about other guilds and events please check out DefiasRP.com

Our server is smaller but also in our mind friendlier, it's easier to get into RP here and you will always find a range of guilds that offers different kind of RP.