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Day of Light - Summary

First of all, thank you all who attended! It was great fun, all the way from the introduction by Minister of Internal Affairs Flemk Meserath, Priestess Jalianas lecture about the history of Church of Light, the interesting theological debate about Light and Shadow and to end it with the mass and blessings!

Towards the end of August we can look forward to Uthers Pilgrimage, more info to follow!

Broken Isles Campaign Finale: Suramar

Time for our final in our Broken Isles campaign, Suramar! Sunday 2nd July 20:00

Will the staff help against the Legion? Finally time to find out!

Gilnean Culture Night

It is once again time for a Culture Night, this time with a Gilnean theme! We will gather in Surwich at 21:00 on Sunday 28th May, please come by to learn more about Gilnean culture and history!

Spring Faire 2017

For the sixth time the Holy Lightbringers arranged the traditional Spring Faire, lead by Emiraude and it was once again an evening of great fun (as long as the fishing contest isn't mentioned!)

Here are the winners:
Quiz - Meklun and Christabelle
Fishing - Kedeard
Archery - Freyke
Pet Contest - Flemk with her "pet" Jack

Show ended with a great firework display!

Below you can see a picture from the rainy archery contest! 

Darnassus Culture Night 2017

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stormwind and allies in Darnassus arranged the culture Night in Darnassus this time, with great guiding by Kathene and Ninael the tour took them around Darnassus and we learnt about Moonwells, how Darnassus was founded, druids, Elune and much more, the evening ended with a tough but good quiz made by Kathene!

Below you can see when the group is gathered by a Moonwell outside of Darnassus.

Reminder, Culture Night: Exodar

Tomorrow (Sunday 5th March) the Exodar Culture Night will take place, by 20:00 in the evening!  Learn about the Draenei history and culture, sample local food and drinks, enjoy traditional music and meet others! We will gather in the Vault of Lights.