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Uther's Pilgrimage - 10th Anniversary

For the tenth time it's time to march towards Uther's Tomb from Stormwind, join us tonight at 19:00 server time at Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP server! Some join us to learn more about Uther and the Light, some to show respect, some for the spiritual journey but whatever your reason is you are most welcome, we will gather by the Cathedral Stairs.

Day of Light - Summary

First of all, thank you all who attended! It was great fun, all the way from the introduction by Minister of Internal Affairs Flemk Meserath, Priestess Jalianas lecture about the history of Church of Light, the interesting theological debate about Light and Shadow and to end it with the mass and blessings!

Towards the end of August we can look forward to Uthers Pilgrimage, more info to follow!

Here is the full schedule for todays event:

19:00 Introduction (Cathedral stairs)
19:15 Lecture - History of Church of Light, Cathedral library
19:45 Theological debate - Behind the Cathedral
20:45 Mass with cermony - Cathedral



Our adventure to find out more how we can use the Staff of Lindriel has taken us from Azsuna, to Val'Sharah, Highmountain and now we will head into Stormheim, tonight at 20:00