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Tomorrow, Monday 24th the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm will together with our allies in Darnassus host a Culture Night, This starts by 20:00 outside of Darnassus, near the Moonwell and will include a tour, quiz and local drinks and food! 


Just a reminder that tonight is the traditional Spring Fair, hosted for the 6th time by the Holy Lightbringers, feel free to come by Goldshire at 19:00 for a range of events, such as fishing, archery, quiz and much more! 



Our adventure to find out more how we can use the Staff of Lindriel has taken us from Azsuna, to Val'Sharah, Highmountain and now we will head into Stormheim, tonight at 20:00

Reminder, Culture Night: Exodar

Tomorrow (Sunday 5th March) the Exodar Culture Night will take place, by 20:00 in the evening!  Learn about the Draenei history and culture, sample local food and drinks, enjoy traditional music and meet others! We will gather in the Vault of Lights.